30 years for perfect surface protection

Company history

Ferrokov Steel and Metal Industry Ltd. is a medium-sized company established in 1991. The head-office and production site of the company is in Segesd in Somogy County.

At the time of establishment the main activities of the company included hot-dip galvanizing of steel structures on order. Since then the company has gone through dynamic development, thus we have been able to carry out significant improvements.

Our scope of activities now also includes production of steel structures as well as hot-galvanized fasteners, thus the company has by now become a dominant player of local industry.


Corporate strategy

High quality compliance with our partners’ expectations according to ISO 9001 standard.

Reliability for compliance with deadlines.

Continuous fulfilment of partner demands.

Environmentally friendly production at European level according to the requirements of ISO 14001 standard.

Healthy and safe working environment.

Long-term employment of loyal company staff.